Why choose Bluehost for Hosting your Website

Why choose Bluehost for Hosting your Website

Do you want to know why Bluehost should be used for your company in 2020 and beyond? Then you’re at the right place.

Your blogging success has one factor that some don’t think about. your site hosting service. If you pick a wrong one, it can lead to slow loading times and regular downtime on your site that can badly affect your business. 

So what are some factors to think about when choosing a hosting service? Let’s dive a little deeper. 

How could a hosting service impact your enterprise?

Loading time: The most important thing that might affect your company for good or bad is your website loading time. If your site is loading in seconds, there will be better conversion levels. If it takes too long to load, your visitors may choose some other platform rather than yours.  So the biggest challenge for any online marketer, blogger, or anyone with a site, is having the loading time be optimal. If you use a reliable service like Bluehost, you can run a website that loads incredibly fast.

Hacking:  Starting in 2014, security is becoming #1 concern for online companies. Don’t let your site be an example of negligence. You can have a complete backup of your account if you choose Bluehost, and with its security minimize the chance of a compromise. 

Server and complete website backup

 You need to ensure that your entire server and website contents are fully backed up on a secure server. Bluehost is the best choice for taking daily backups of your site and its database. Just set up automatic backups and forget it.

Bluehost is user-friendly

Bluehost users get access to cPanel which provides an array of tools for setting up your website, changing security details, getting a personal email and more. With a click of a button you can have WordPress , joomla or Drupal installed!

Bluehost hosting feature list 

Whether you know it or not, more than 2 million websites worldwide use Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the world’s most inexpensive and popular web hosting companies, which has been part of EIG (Endurance International Group) since 2010.

If you’re wondering why you should choose Bluehost for your company, and want to know all of Bluehost’s features, check them out.

  • Free Parked Domains and Subdomains 
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Space 
  • More than $175 worth of marketing deals (such as Google AdWords and Bing)
  • Access to Spam Experts and Domain Security
  • Web backup is also included with most advanced Bluehost hosting plans.
  • Free SSL

Bluehost provides 24/7 Technical Support

That’s right, Bluehost offers technical support 24/7! Bluehost provides technical support by phone, live chat and e-mail 24/7. Once a Bluehost customer has a problem, they can talk with the support team, send an email support request, or call (888) 401-4678.

They also provide an excellent support center where their customers can type the issue they are having, and if the customer wants to try and work it out without reaching out to their excellent support team, answers will be provided to help.

They give a 30-day money back guarantee for 30 days so if you’re not satisfied you can cancel and get a refund without having to ask any questions!

Final thoughts 

Choosing the right hosting service for your company is key to creating a long-lasting sustainable online business. And no other hosting service comes closer to Bluehost, we promise.

It’s an affordable price, their customer support is top in its class and their offerings are reliable–what else could you ask for more from a web hosting service?  Don’t think twice if you want to go to Bluehost. You’ll love their services.

Want to sign up? Click here https://www.bluehost.com/track/gonzaleztjustin/

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